Mylapore Jannal Kadai Bajji Stall, Chennai
Low Cost, Pure Vegetarian, Street Food, Tamil Nadu,

Mylapore Jannal Kadai Bajji Stall, Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Mylapore Jannal Kadai is a unique but quaint shop that services customers through the window of a house! It has existed for years purely on the strength of its quality and service. Situated adjacent to the Kapaleeswara temple main gate, this outlet gets a steady stream of customers purely by word-of-mouth publicity. Go there for the food and turn a blind eye to the nonexistent ambiance of the narrow crowded street!

Very nice small shop (serving through the window) for eating simple food. One has to stand on the streets and eat. Ordered Pongal/Vada combination, for breakfast. Served with two chutneys and sambar. Very hot and has Sufficient quantity for a normal eater. Priced at 50, Take your own drinking water bottle. Planning to visit for snacks for which they are famously known. Vegetarian options: Pure Vegetarian food outlet.

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